Full-Stack Engineer (Mumbai)

FreeG Wifi is looking for fullstack or backend engineers to join our team. Our product team is a small, tightly-knit crew working on building the smartest e-mail outreach platform ever. What makes us different? What Google did with cost-per-click for online marketing, we're doing for the offline world. If you want to build something that's never been done before and help thousands of local businesses in the process, join us!


  • Proficient: experience in Python or Ruby is beneficial. Interest or experience in Go is a huge plus.

  • Adaptable: Even if backend is your strong suit, you aren’t afraid to occasionally write some Javascript and vice versa.

  • Rounded: Do you have some interesting hobby and passions? We have a lively Slack channel -- be prepared for gifs.

  • Driven: You will have many opportunities to make a huge impact on our company’s growth.


  • Languages: Python (Flask/Django), Go, JavaScript (Backbone, React, Node)

  • Data stores: Cassandra, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, S3, Redis

  • Data Processing: Kafka, Kineses, Celery, Hadoop, Spark

  • Ops: AWS, Docker, Ansible

Perks and Benefit

  • Flexible Vacation Policy

  • Fully stocked kitchen with healthy (and unhealthy) snacks and beverages

  • Off-sites, events and happy hours