Who We Are

We are a 2 year old company founded by IIT Bombay alumni with 12 years of experience in public Wi-Fi domain. We provide real-time customer engagement tools to offline brick & mortar merchants e.g restaurants, salons, retail stores to have same level of technology that anyone operating online uses and empower them to connect with their customers in a targeted manner through public Wi-Fi hotspot system. We aim to build a personal customer interaction tool for offline business owners and maximize their revenues and customer footfall with technology. We cater to all kind of businesses: restaurants, bars, cafes, salons, spas, gyms, hotels, retail malls, shopping centres, offices, co-working spaces, clinics, hospitals, libraries and others.

What We Provide


Wi-Fi Hotspot System

A safe, secure, and legally compliant guest Wi-Fi hotspot system.


Easy To Use Dashaboard

Centralized dashboard to access and download your customers’ database (email id, phone no, gender etc)


Marketing Tools

Tools for your personalized marketing and advertising based on our smart analytics.

Our Vision

While all customers spend most of their time “Online” searching for relevant products/offers, 90% of purchases happen “Offline” at brick and mortar stores – yet there are no digital tools available with merchants to interact with on-premise customers to ensure they are communicated right information at right place on their mobiles. We created FreeG WiFi to bridge that communication gap between the business owners and their customers and provide them the same level of technology, data, and tools that any online stores/businesses have with them.